Trafi started its activity in 1982 being specialized in '' space dyeing'' yarns on cones. Since then our techniques have developed in new various productions: space-dyeing (multicolour dyeing) on hanks, fabrics and garments using different methods.
Recently we have developed some new techniques of '' continuous'' printing and coating on yarn.
Besides the space-dyeing, we have developed the ''needle-punch'' technique (generally used for the production of felt) on high fashion fabrics, creating new effects and eventually, new kind of fabrics.
Both on our customers' demand and on our proposal, we make research for the production of new textile products, especially yarns.
Most part of our machines is projected or deeply modified by ourselves inside our company just to achieve special effects on various textile basis.
We have also machines for plain dyeing of yarn, fabric and garments, which we generally use only for the washing.
We approach this work using tecniques ''out of place'': i.e.using textile technologies in a different way in comparison with their original purpose.
An example of this is the use of ''needle-punch'' machines to give a superficial finishing on fashion fabrics instead of to produce felt.
Another example of non-conventional use of textile techniques is dyeing a yarn with painting devices.
Our company is located in Prato, the most important textile district in Italy the middle of a very advanced industril area in europe especially for the low environmental impact (dyeing plants use only reclyed water), our factory covers an area of 5000 sqm with 50 employees.
Our customers are mostly Italian, but 25% of them are from other european countries.

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